Why Solar?

LGCY Power has built a collection of internal programs to reward outstanding achievement and provide ongoing mentorship, career development and professional and personal development. This includes apps to manager your sales pipeline, rewarding sales competitions, Incentive Trips, Leadership Summits, Just-in-Time Training, easy onboarding and our library of sales training. Each of these programs focuses on different aspects of leadership, career and personal success that align with LGCY’s mission of helping you be the best version of yourself while helping others do the same.

Why Solar?

Success often comes down to three things; talent, tenacity and timing. In the case of solar, the timing couldn’t be better. The market is primed for long-term, sustained success. There is low market penetration and high consumer demand. The only real question is about execution and LGCY Power is primed and ready to execute and take advantage of this burgeoning market.

The success LGCY Power has experienced thus far is only the tip of the iceberg. Residential electricity is a huge, relatively untapped market. It’s estimated that the market for residential electricity is $450 billion a year. By comparison, the home security industry is $28 billion per year and satellite TV is estimated to be a $53 billion a year industry.

Sunrun Certified Partner

One of LGCY Power’s first and most significant partnerships was with Sunrun, the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States.

LGCY Power has quickly become the largest privately held residential solar sales company in the United States and Sunrun's largest partner since 2014.


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