Why Sales?

Successful business owners — successful people in general — spend the majority of their time selling.

Learn how to sell.

It's the best investment you will ever make.

- Mark Cuban on Inc.com

Why Sales?

Sales is the driver of every business. It can provide you with personal control over your career, job security, an ongoing challenge and a means to decide and manage your schedule, career path and success. It’s also a springboard into management positions, higher salaries and a fun, competitive environment. NBA owner Mark Cuban once said that he thinks every entrepreneur should start in door-to-door sales. Sales can bring you a life of security, freedom and flexibility to achieve your dreams on your terms.

A career with LGCY Power provides the ongoing training and career development you need to learn the skills needed to succeed in sales as well as in life.

Advancement Opportunities

While advancing your career at many companies can seem like a marathon, LGCY Power is different. Many of our managers, regional managers and directors have sprinted to leadership positions in significantly less time than it takes to progress at other companies or to advance even one level. We recruit the best talent, train and support them and empower them to grow, excel and advance at an early age to leadership positions.

Income Opportunity

Our sales reps are naturally competitive and like to win and be the best. Many of them have aggressive career goals and want to live financially comfortable lives with freedom to earn more than they would at a desk job. At LGCY Power our sales reps have that opportunity. Earning potential for our sales managers often surpass that of of dentists, lawyers and director level positions.


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