LGCY Power is a direct-sales engine that partners with the world’s best brands to deliver unparalleled results. Our process involves carefully choosing partners with whom we can add maximum value and then using our past experiences to tailor a custom program around their product. We then execute while making continual refinements until the results are nothing short of perfection.

Our Awards

LGCY was named one of Utah’s Emerging Elite company’s by Utah Business Magazine, a Best Places to Work by Glassdoor.com and Utah Business Magazine and is focused on providing an extraordinary solar experiences for customers in the United States. By offering a cleaner, cheaper alternative to traditional electricity, LGCY assists residential homeowners by providing solar power at little to no upfront cost.

Customer Recommended

LGCY Power has earned a high level of customer satisfaction. We track customer satisfaction and experience through our Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company's products or services to others. It is used as a proxy for gauging the customer's overall satisfaction with a company's product or service and the customer's loyalty to the brand. Our score is a 72 ranking us higher than those of Netflix, Southwest Airlines and Zappos.

Finely-Tuned Engine

LGCY Power is a direct-sales engine that partners with the best brands in the world to deliver results that no other company can. That’s right - we’re not merely a dealer. We’re a partner. When it comes to mastering the process of marketing directly to consumers, we’re second-to-none. With tools to train our team, foster competition, and analyze production, we are a well-oiled machine.

The Vision

LGCY Power’s founders knew the industry was primed for success. In the past they had considerable success building sales engines for alarms and dish network systems and were confident they could scale solar nationwide. The approach was always one of recognizing a gap in the industry that was just waiting for somebody to come in and fill. Who better than LGCY Power. The LGCY power team has done this in a big way, securing key partnerships with industry powerhouses and hiring the right teams that understands the vision and opportunity resulting in the company becoming the largest privately held residential solar sales company in the United States.

Doug Robinson, CEO & Founder

Doug is the CEO & Founder of LGCY Power and has a sales career that have put companies in the Inc. 500, the Utah Fast50, the MWCN 100 and have driven more than $500 million in revenue.

Luke Toone, CSO & Co-Founder

Luke is the chief sales officer and manages sales performance and strategy for 17 states and for more than 35 sales offices.

Our History

Doug Robinson launched LGCY Power in September 2014. He believed there was a better way and was determined to build a business that was committed to doing things the right way to ensure the company and industry could be more viable and stable long-term. He hired an assistant and conducted his first meeting at the Blue Lemon, a Utah based restaurant that had free WiFi. He called Luke Toone, a former colleague and together they began recruiting a sales team and building the business. They then partnered with Sunrun and have built the business into the largest privately held residential solar sales company in the United States with operations in 17 states and more than 500 sales reps nationwide.

Apps to help you sell

LGCY Power partnered with the top direct sales software company in the world to build a proprietary sales enablement platform to help its sales team better manage their pipeline and to earn more money.

This includes a suite of tools, including the Canvass Knocking app, Pitch Real Time Sales Training and the Grid competition and pipeline management platform.

  • Canvass app focuses on recruiting, training and retaining by allowing sales managers to track customers, manage teams and build sales skills while enabling sales reps to learn at their own pace.
  • Pitch app uses videos from seasoned sales managers to provide short, real-time training to sales reps in the field so they can learn and immediately implement the training.

We Reward Performance

Our sales reps thrive on competition. They like to win and be the best. They enjoy trash talking each other and are as proud of winning a simple t-shirt in a competition as they are about closing the next big deal. We have four major competitions throughout the year, our year long Masters and quarterly Cup, Invitational and Open tournaments. Our competitions are unique and customized to LGCY Power and the solar industry with each designed to be like a marathon instead of a sprint like what most company’s do. Our competitions are designed to motivate and create wealth for sales reps and run long enough to provide ample time to achieve maximum results without burning teams out.

It pays to be the best. For those that are, we send them on cruises, to all inclusive resorts in Hawaii and Mexico, Pebble Beach, the NCAA’s Final Four Tournament and NFL games to name a few. In 2016 we gave a new Tesla to the winner of the Cup Competition. In 2017 we sent winners to Jerusalem. In planning these trips we strive to find locations and activities that are fun and unforgettable.

World Class Sales Training

Leadership Summits

Leadership summits and retreats are held quarterly in areas such as Hawaii, Mexico, Lake Powell, Park City, Utah and other destinations that provide exciting venues conducive to learning and having fun as a team. Summits and retreats are designed to provide ongoing training, career development, personal development and team building from experts from a variety of fields.

Real-Time Learning

After coming aboard, each rep will receive notifications and prompts to what to do next and start off strong. These just in time prompts will help each rep know how to do the next best thing to help jump start their career.

Learning Management System

In addition, our learning management system sends specific, targeted trainings to reps that need the information the most and to help support better selling behavior.

Training Media

LGCY broadcasts on a regular basis from its custom radio station. Broadcasts feature the latest company news and updates. In addition to its radio broadcast, LGCY does a weekly internal podcast called The Current. The Current features news and updates from LGCY executives and is designed to motivate and inspire the teams around the country to achieve and exceed expectations by creating a better customer experience and providing innovative solutions to customers problems.

Sales Support

LGCY Power provides a full-time, phone-support sales staff to help our salesforce and new recruits with any questions or needs they may have in their new solar career. Our sales support staff also helps with questions and solutions with sales deals as well as the voice for support in our team group chats. We have your back.


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